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Trauma & mental health

PTSD treatment programs for veterans and serving personnel

There are programs funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs throughout Australia. Based in hospitals and community facilities, the programs have been accredited by ACPMH to provide high quality treatment for veterans, peacekeepers and current serving personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related problems. The programs provide inpatient/outpatient models, day hospital programs and less intensive community based treatments.

Click on any state below for further information on PTSD treatment programs available.

New South Wales

St John of God Hospital, Richmond

177 Grose Vale Road

TEL: (02) 4588 5088
FREE CALL: 1800 808 339
FAX: (02) 4571 1552

St John of God Hospital, Richmond offers a 25-day inpatient treatment program, followed by 6 to 12-day hospital sessions of outpatient treatment over a six month period.

Clinical Director: Dr Levinia Schmidtman
Program Coordinator: Jae Lee

Northern Territory

At this time, there are no PTSD programs accredited in the Northern Territory.

Inquiries regarding veterans who reside in the Northern Territory should be made initially to the VVCS - Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service in Darwin on (08) 8927 9411 or to Daw Park Hospital in Adelaide on (08) 8276 9666.


Greenslopes Private Hospital

Newdegate Street

TEL: (07) 3394 7111
FAX: (07) 3394 7322

Greenslopes Private Hospital offers two types of PTSD treatment program: a 7-week residential program and a 10-week outpatient program. The residential program consists of 4 weeks of 5 days per week followed by 3 weeks of 2 days per week. The outpatient program consists of 10 weeks of 2 days per week.

Clinical Director: Dr John Gibson
Program Coordinator: Trish Mossop

Mater Health Services

38 Fulham Road

TEL: (07) 4727 4187
FAX: (07) 4755 0801

Mater Health Services offers an 8-week day hospital PTSD treatment program conducted on an outpatient basis. The program consists of an Entry phase (2 weeks of 2 days per week), followed by an Intensive phase (4 weeks of 4 days per week), and then an Exit phase (2 weeks of 2 days per week).

Please note this is a non-residential program, however out of town residents are booked into a nearby motel.

Contact: Jane Keast

Palm Beach Currimbin Private Hospital

37 Bilinga Street

TEL: (07) 5534 4944
FAX: (07) 5534 7752

Palm Beach Currumbin Private Hospital offers an innovative 8-week residential PTSD treatment program. The program consists of 2 weeks of 2 days per week followed by 6 weeks of 4 days per week.

Also offered is a continuous entry 12-week day-patient program (1 day per week) for veterans with other psychiatric diagnoses.

Clinical Director: Dr Chris Danesi
Program Coordinator: Anne-Marie Elias

Toowong Private Hospital

Day Treatment Services
496 Milton Road
PO Box 822

TEL: (07) 3721 8055
FAX: (07) 3721 8054

Toowong Private Hospital offers a range of day treatment group programs. Programs include: Military Service Trauma Recovery Program / Employment and Accident Related Trauma Recovery Program / Military Service Alcohol Day Treatment Program / Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety & Mood Disorders.

The Military Service Trauma Recovery Program is a 12-week program consisting of an intensive 6-week phase of 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs), a further 2-day session in weeks 8, 10 & 12, with a single day follow-up at 3 & 9 months. Partners are also included in the program and attend on designated days.

Clinical Director: Dr Andrew Khoo
Program Coordinator: Karen Young

South Australia

Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital

Daws Road

TEL: (08) 8275 1621
FAX: (08) 8277 8267

Daw Park Repatriation Hospital offers a 12-week PTSD day patient program. This consists of 3 days per week over 6 weeks and a further 1 day per week over 6 weeks.

Also provided is a separate program for World War II veterans, held 1 day per week over 12 weeks. Following this program veterans and their partner/carers are invited to join a popular bi-monthly support group.

Partners are included in both programs and attend on designated days.

Clinical Director: Dr Linda McCarthy
Deputy Clinical Director: Sandro Positano
Program Coordinator: Judith Fuller


Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital

Banksia Street

TEL: (03) 9496 2184
FAX: (03) 9496 2418

The Veterans Psychiatry Unit PTSD Program at the Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre (A&RMC) is a specialised treatment service for veterans suffering from war-related post traumatic stress disorder. The program has been operating since 1995. In that time, almost 600 individuals have received programmatic treatment.

The program involves a mixture of individual and group therapy, typically extending over 12 weeks. Four formats of treatment are currently offered:

  • An Intensive (inpatient or residential) Program - which consists of a 4-week intensive phase (5 days per week) and an 8-week outpatient phase (1 day per week).
  • A Day Hospital Program - which contains the essential elements of the Intensive Program, but consists of a 6-week (3 day per week) initial phase and a 6-week outpatient phase (1 day per week);
  • An Evening Outpatient Program - which consists of an 8-week (2 evenings per week) series of evening sessions, with a focus on work stress and employment maintenance, followed by a 4-week non-intensive phase (1 evening per week).
  • A Country-located Program - which largely follows the Day Hospital Treatment Model (see above).
  • A Young Veterans Program (peacekeeper, peacemakers & Ex-ADF personnel) - which follows the Intensive Program format, but tailors its content to the needs of this group.

In October 1997, a second PTSD Treatment Team was funded to increase services to rural and remote veterans, e.g., those resident in Mildura, Warrnambool, and Mt Gambier (South Australia). As a consequence, ten Country-located Programs have been run since that time.

In addition to this traditional trauma-focussed work, the program has over the last several years introduced manualised treatments for problematic sleep, anxiety and depression. These treatments have proven successful and will be more regularly offered in the future.

Clinical Director: Dr David Kruse
Program Coordinator: Michael Mooney

The Geelong Clinic

98 Townsend Road

TEL: (03) 5248 1155
FAX: (03) 5248 4852

The Geelong Clinic offers a 28-day program held over 10 or 14 weeks. The 10-week program has a 2 week live-in phase. The 14 week program is conducted entirely on an outpatient basis. Follow up programs are offered.

Clinical Director: Dr Edmond van Ammers
Program Coordinator: Christie Arbuckle

Western Australia

Hollywood Clinic

Monash Avenue

Phone: (08) 9346 6801
Fax: (08) 9346 6829

The Hollywood Clinic offers two PTSD treatment programs, one for Younger Veterans and one for Senior Veterans.

The Senior Veterans' Program is a 12-week outpatient program consisting of a 4-week phase (5 days per week), followed by an 8-week phase (1day per week). Veterans' partners attend 1 day per week for 12 weeks.

The Younger Veterans' and currently serving ADF Personnel's PTSD Program is an 18-week outpatient program. This consists of a 2-week phase (5 days per week), followed by 16 weeks (2 days per week). Veterans' partners or support persons attend for 1 day per week for 8 weeks.

Clinical Director: Dr Winston Chiu
Program Coordinator: Doug Brewer
Program Secretary: Lesley Adams